ReVision Energy to send solar-powered emergency relief trailer to Bahamas

In response to the Hurricane Dorian disaster, US rooftop solar installer ReVision Energy is sending an emergency solar power unit to the Bahamas that will provide 24/7 electricity for lighting, critical medication refrigeration, cell phone and laptop charging, and other emergency power needs. The company collaborated with other solar companies to send three identical trailers to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria in 2017, all three of which are now being shipped to the Bahamas to aid first responders and victims.
ReVision Energy is seeking donations of supplies to fill the Maine-based solar power unit before shipping to the Bahamas, including strong tarps, cleaning supplies, 5 gallon contractor buckets, cans of ready to eat food, disposable baby diapers, packages of handwipes and other hand sanitizing items, bar soap, clothing detergent, small towels, band aids, paper products (paper towels, toilet paper), crayons and paper tablets for children.
The emergency solar power unit is an enclosed trailer with six photovoltaic panels and eight deep cycle batteries that feed a total of 30 electrical outlets (two in each gray cubby) on the exterior of the trailer so people can plug in devices and appliances that need power. It was designed by solar energy engineers from companies in the Colorado-based cooperative Amicus.

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