Research project on Agri-PV with vertical modules in Germany

Although there are already some photovoltaic systems in Germany with vertically mounted modules also on agricultural land, a model project in the municipality of Dörverden (Lower Saxony) will now systematically investigate this form of agri-photovoltaics. Last week, Lower Saxony's Minister for the Environment, Energy, Building and Climate Protection Olaf Lies handed over a funding decision for €400,000 ($ 421.600). The five-year project was initiated by the regional and energy cooperative Aller-Leine-Weser (ReALWeg) and the climate protection and energy agency Landkreis Verden gGmbH.
The solar modules are installed on an area of one hectare in rows with a distance of ten meters. Through this, the use of GPS-assisted agricultural machinery should enable »precise and safe management between the modules,« according to a statement from ReALWeg. Among the questions that »various institutes and institutions in Lower Saxony« want to investigate are the level of solar yields that can be achieved and the yields of the arable crops or the nature conservation assessment of the cultivated areas.

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