Research consortium develops »highly intelligent factory« for energetic building renovation

Jade University of Applied Sciences (Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth, Germany) has developed the concept for a highly automated factory for the production of façade and roof panels for the energetic refurbishment of buildings in the international project consortium »Indu-Zero«.
The principle corresponds to the »serial refurbishment« of buildings: After a 3D laser scan, entire assemblies are manufactured with dimensional accuracy. »Windows, doors, solar panels as well as ventilation systems are already integrated in these elements, which can be up to twelve meters long and three meters high,« according to a Jade university release, »so that they can be installed on site within a few days – without residents having to leave their homes.«
According to the release, some residential buildings in the Netherlands (photo) have already been equipped with the designed »renovation packages« as part of the project. The blueprint for the factory was about logistics concepts and value-added strategies, as well as the relating requirements. The result is a concept for a factory that can produce facade and roof panels for »at least 15,000 residential units« per year.
Projects for serial refurbishment – practically always involving photovoltaic systems – have already been implemented in Europe in large numbers, although nowhere near to the extent required. In the North Sea border countries alone, which were the specific target of the Indu-Zero project that was pursued for four years and ended in June, some 22 million residential buildings will require energetic refurbishment by 2050.

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