»Repowering« the ISS's solar electricity supply

During a spacewalk on Dec. 2, International Space Station (ISS) crew members Josh Cassada and Frank Rubio mounted a roll-out solar array. Two such »iROSA« (ISS Roll-Out Solar Array) are already in operation, with a fourth expected to follow during another Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) on Dec. 19. A total of at least six iROSAs are planned, according to a program to improve power supply that began in 2021.
The eight solar generators attached to the ISS from 2000 to 2009 have lost significant power due to degradation, which is particularly severe in space, and now produce only about 160 kilowatts instead of 215 initially. Each iROSA now adds around ten kilowatts again. The next retrofit generator is scheduled to be transported to the ISS in June 2023.

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