Renewables' share of German electricity generation was around 46 percent in 2021

In 2021, 490 terawatt hours (TWh) were fed into the German power grid. This is two percent more than in the previous year (481 TWh). According to preliminary results from solar research institute Fraunhofer ISE, renewable energy sources supplied 224 TWh last year, so the country’s electricity mix was composed of 46 percent renewables and 54 percent conventional sources. According to the »Strom-Report« portal, the electricity mix has tended to shift in favor of renewables for years. However, at 50.5 percent in 2020, the share of renewables was slightly higher than last year.
Wind energy contributes 23 percent to the energy mix (2020: 27 percent), photovoltaics 9.9 percent (2020: 10.4 percent), biomass 8.8 percent (2020: 9.3 percent) and hydropower 4.0 percent (2020: 3.7 percent). Among conventional energy sources, lignite leads with 20.2 percent (2020: 16.8 percent), followed by nuclear with 13.3 percent (2020: 12.5 percent), natural gas with 10.5 percent (2020: 12.1 percent) and hard coal with 9.5 percent (2020: 7.3 percent).

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