Renewables covered 37 percent of EU electricity consumption in 2020

The European Commission has published figures on the share of renewable energies in the electricity consumption of EU member states in 2020. According to »Eurostat«, the EU met 37 percent of its needs from renewables, up from 34 percent in 2019. Wind power contributed the highest share to the total amount of electricity generated from renewable sources with 36 percent, while hydropower accounted for 33 percent. Solar power ranked third with 14 percent, but is the fastest growing energy source, according to the statistics.
Malta had the lowest EU-wide share of renewable energy in electricity consumption in 2020, at 9.5 percent. Norway and Iceland lead the statistics, with both countries generating more electricity from renewables – mainly from hydroelectric plants – than they consumed themselves overall, at 113.8 and 102.8 percent respectively.

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