Renewable energies covered a good 46 percent of electricity consumption in Germany in 2020

Almost half of the electricity consumed in Germany in 2020 came from renewable energies. This is shown by preliminary calculations of the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) and the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW). Accordingly, wind, photovoltaics, biomass and other renewable energy sources covered a good 46 percent of gross electricity consumption. Compared to last year, the share of renewables has thus increased by almost four percentage points, and by over eight percentage points compared to 2018.
However, some of this increase was due to lower electricity consumption - particularly as a result of the Corona pandemic. The renewables rate is measured as a share of electricity consumption. Therefore, lower consumption alone leads to an increase in the renewables ratio. »Even adjusted for this effect, there is an increase because renewables generated more electricity than last year,« ZSW said: »If the same amount of electricity had been consumed this year as in 2019, renewables would have covered a good 44 percent of electricity consumption instead of a good 46 percent.«
In total, over 564 billion kilowatt hours (billion kWh) of electricity were generated in 2020 - a good six percent less than in 2019 (2019: 603 billion kWh). Of this, 252 billion kWh came from renewables (2019: 242 billion kWh): onshore wind turbines accounted for the largest share of renewable electricity generation with a good 105 billion kWh (2019: 101 billion kWh). Photovoltaic plants supplied just over 50 billion kWh (2019: 45 billion kWh), closely followed by biomass with just under 50 billion kWh (2019: 50 billion kWh). 28 billion kWh of electricity came from offshore wind turbines (2019: 25 billion kWh). Hydroelectric plants supplied a good 18 billion kWh (2019: 20 billion kWh).
Gross electricity consumption represents the country's entire electricity system and, according to preliminary calculations, amounts to 544 billion kWh in 2020 (2019: 569 billion kWh).

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