Regent Craft presents all-electric seaglider

Regent Craft Inc. of Winchester, Massachusetts, has unveiled a prototype of its all-electric seaglider, a sort of hermaphrodite between a boat and an airplane, at the CoMotion trade show in Miamia. Company CEO Billy Thalheimer introduced the seaglider as »the future of sustainable coastal transportation.«
The seaglider, which is a good 5.5 meters long, uses the so-called »wing-in-ground effect« and moves at a speed of around 35 knots at close range over the surface of the water. This would combine the speed of a small aircraft with the low operating costs of a boat, Regent advertises its new vehicle.
The first order has already been placed. New Zealand-based Ocean Flyer signed the purchase agreement for 25 seagliders worth $427 million at the show, according to Regent.

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