Redavia commissioned photovoltaic plant for Ghanaian agrofoods business

The German solar technology group Redavia GmbH has set up a solar system for the agricultural company Movelle Company in Ghana. Among other things, Movelle trades in frozen fish. In order to save electricity costs, the solar system with an initial output of 90 kW was installed at the Takoradi cold storage facility. In order to save costs on their current electricity bill, Movelle elected Redavia to deploy a solar farm at its cold storage site. The lease contract enabled Movelle to supplement its grid power with solar power, without the burden of a large up-front capital outlay. In addition to installation and maintenance, the contract includes round-the-clock monitoring. In a second phase, it is planned to increase the plant by 84 kW to 174 kW.
The Movelle Company trades in fish, meat and agricultural commodities and provides trading services such as financing, risk assessment and management, port operations, special transport and storage.
As reported, Redavia and development project financier ElectriFI signed a $2 million financing agreement in early 2019 to support Redavia's expansion in Ghana. The investment is intended to enable the construction of solar plants with a capacity of around 15 MW, said Quentin Antoine, Senior Investment Officer at ElectriFI in January. Redavia provides solar power in Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya to companies and communities in Africa, including public infrastructure facilities, agriculture, real estate, hospitality and mining. The solar farms are based on a pre-configured system that includes high-performance solar modules and electrical components. It is easy to transport and set up.

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