REC Solar launches fifth generation of TwinPeak modules

The Norwegian solar company REC Group has started production of the fifth generation of its TwinPeak modules. The TwinPeak 5 series consists of five module types with outputs between 395 and 415 watts, which is significantly higher than the 350 to 375 watts of the 4 series. However, this is also due to the fact that REC has added one row of half cells per module half. While the 4-series still managed with 120 half-cells, the 5-series now contains 132 half-cells. At 1,899 by 1,040 millimeters, the modules are also somewhat larger and, at 21.6 kilograms, somewhat heavier. At up to 21.1 percent, the efficiency of the most powerful module in the series is about half a percentage point higher than the predecessor series. As before, there is also a black variant with a black frame and black back foil for the 5 series, but it has a slightly lower efficiency of 20.8 percent maximum. All TwinPeak types feature halved PERC cells from REC's own production, which are characterized by a particularly low temperature coefficient, as well as a split junction box. The modules are manufactured at REC's »Industrie 4.0« site in Singapore. Delivery in Europe is scheduled to begin in January 2023.

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