REC Silicon to layoff 100 employees at FBR facility in Moses Lake, USA

Norwegian REC Silicon ASA announced a long-term shutdown of its FBR facility in Moses Lake, Washington, effective from July 15. »Although recent talks between the Government of the United States and the Government of China at the G20 summit in Osaka in late June 2019 have resulted in a resumption of trade negotiations between the governments, the governments have not agreed on or imposed a deadline for a resolution and there is no certainty yet as to the date by which REC Silicon’s access to the China market will be restored,« says the company. Accordingly, REC Silicon has executed a reduction in its workforce in Moses Lake, Washington by approximately 100 employees.
The remaining workforce in Moses Lake will allow REC Silicon to restart its FBR facility if further trade negotiations result in a re-opening of polysilicon markets in China. REC Silicon’s facility in Butte, Montana is not affected by the workforce reduction.
REC Silicon urges the US government to include polysilicon on the list of products to be purchased by the Government of China »in the short-run while the negotiations continue and to continue to push for restoration of open, fair, and unrestricted access for sales of U.S. polysilicon in the Chinese market.« If REC Silicon is able to regain access to the Chinese polysilicon market in the near term, it will re-hire its employees and »re-start manufacturing immediately.«

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