REC launched »N-Peak 2« modules

Solar energy company REC Group, headquartered in Norway, launched the second generation of its n-type TOPCon cell-based solar module called »REC N-Peak 2«. Following the launch of the »Alpha Pure Series« and the fourth generation of the »TwinPeak Series«, it is REC's third new product announcement within three months.
The modules come standard with black monocrystalline half cells and a black frame. They are available as »N-Peak 2 Series« (360 to 375 W) and as »N-Peak 2 Black Series« (360 to 370 W; black solar cells, black frame, black backsheet). The new product has the same slimline frame and support bars that REC uses in its other solar panels. This means the N-Peak 2 can support loads of up to 7,000 Pa. REC guarantees power output in year 25 of the panel's service life of at least 92 percent.
Production is set to start in August 2021, with shipments arriving at customers worldwide beginning in October.

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