REC Group and Longi refuse allegations made by Hanwa Q Cells

As reported, Hanwha Q Cells announced to file actions against Jinko Solar, Longi Solar and REC Group in the US ITC, US District Court of Delaware, and Germany's regional Düsseldorf court due to supposed patent infringement.
According to REC Group, the action has not officially commenced in Germany. A preliminary investigation with Germany’s regional Dusseldorf court on March 6, 2019 reveals »that court fees have not been paid« by Hanwha Q-Cells. »As the Court has not served the action, REC Group is unable to examine the alleged claims«, says the company. REC Group »fully respects and will respect intellectual property rights and takes these allegations very seriously.« The company »is investigating the matter and working closely with its legal counsel, and will take all necessary steps to rigorously defend itself, its customers and its partners.«
According to Longi Solar, the company »has not received any legal case documents about the complaints, nor any official business negotiation correspondence from Hanwha Q Cells on this matter.« From a technical perspective, »the current technology used in Longi's products is not the same as the technology contained in the disputed patents: the disputed patents are about ALD technology while Longi uses PECVD technology,« announced the company. However, Longi »is prepared and ready to actively respond against the complaint.«
As reported, solar module manufacture Jinko Solar Holding Co., Ltd. believes that the complaints of Hanwha Q Cells »are without technical or legal merit.« Jinko Solar, therefore, categorically refuses Hanwha's allegations.

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