Queensland to invest AUD 2 billion in renewables and hydrogen jobs

Australian state of Queensland announced an AUD 2 billion (USD 1.54 billion) investment into renewable energy and hydrogen jobs as part of the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said, the investment »will also support the further development of Queensland’s resources sector while at the same time helping to deliver on our 50 percent renewable energy target by 2030.« There is no reason why solar panels, electrolysers, batteries, wind farm components and new technology can’t be manufactured right here in Queensland,« said the Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen Mick de Brenni. »By 2050, the world will be looking for more than 500 million tonnes of hydrogen every year, and we want to make sure Queenslanders get decent, secure jobs supplying it.«
According to the announcement, the Palaszczuk Government has supported investment in over 5,100 MW of renewable generation with over forty wind and solar farms built and 7,000 construction jobs, taking renewable generation from 7 percent to more than 20 percent.

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