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Qcells presents challenges with tandem cells at Intersolar


Qcells is exhibiting a tandem cell made of silicon and perovskite from its own production at Intersolar. However, the new cell is far from perfect. Many small brownish discolorations are visible to the naked eye. They become even clearer under a magnifying glass that Qcells has attached. Showing a defective cell is intentional, says Oliver Beckel, press spokesman for Qcells. The discoloration would already appear after about eight hours of irradiation. Qcells wants to draw attention to the challenges involved in manufacturing tandem cells. “If you are shown a perfect tandem cell, you should be suspicious,” says Beckel. Nevertheless, he believes that the future belongs to the tandem cell due to its high efficiency potential – the theoretical efficiency is 43 percent. However, there is still a long way to go before they are ready for the market due to problems with their service life. Beckel estimates that it will take Q-Cells another two years or so before the technology is ready for the market.



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