Qcells integrates Samsung heat pumps into its »Q.ommand« energy platform

The company announces a major upgrade to its digitalized energy management platform Q.OMMAND, incorporating Samsung Electronics’ heat pumps into solar panels (PV) and energy storage systems (ESS). With soaring gas prices in Europe increasing demand for non-fossil fuel-based heating systems, Qcells’ smart energy solutions is expected to provide a cleaner, more affordable way to heat the home. Connecting Qcells’ solar modules (PV) and energy storage systems (ESS) to Samsung Electronics’ heat pumps (Eco Heating System, EHS) , Q. OMMAND mobile apps enable customers to optimize their power consumption by controlling the alternative heating system run by affordable, clean electricity.

Consumers can install Qcells solar modules to generate clean PV electricity, and store it with smart battery system Q. HOME CORE. The electricity produced with this Qcells PV+ESS solution is then used to power heat pumps and Q. OMMAND provides the best way to consume electricity with real-time monitoring and year-to-year analysis.

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