Q Energy and Enviria announce 500 megawatt portfolio

Q Energy, a green energy plant solutions provider that officially entered the market in July and part of Korean Hanwha group, has signed a framework agreement for photovoltaic projects with a total capacity of around 500 megawatts with Enviria Energy Holding GmbH. The plants will be built in Germany between 2023 and 2025, with the size of the individual projects ranging from two to 70 megawatts. Part of the portfolio is to participate in the tenders defined in the country’s Renewable Energy Law (EEG), but the majority will be financed »on a merchant or PPA basis (Power Purchase Agreement).«
For Enviria, founded in 2017, this is by far its largest project to date. The company, which specializes primarily in implementing projects for third parties on a »B2B« basis, acquired €22.5 million in a financing round as recently as June. By then, Enviria said it had completed around 100 projects with a total output of 50 megawatts.

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