PVT manufacturer Naked Energy opens £30 million funding round

UK-based Naked Energy has opened a £30 million ($37.7 million) »Series B« funding round. The company says the proceeds will be used for global expansion as well as production scale-up. Similar to German company Sunmaxx PVT (see our post today), Naked Energy is also focusing on combining photovoltaics and solar thermal, but with different technology and also not exclusively.
Naked Energy has two types of thermal collectors in its product line: a classic tube collector for temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius (VirtuHOT) and a photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) collector for temperatures up to 75 degrees, in which solar cells are additionally integrated into the tubes (VirtuPV). Naked Energy states that the thermal efficiency is up to 60 percent, while the PERC solar cells used achieve 20 percent. The first demonstration projects have already been implemented.
Previous investors include Barclays, Nesta and ELM Companies. The current financing round is led by the American investment bank Piper Sandler Ltd.

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