PV Market Alliance estimates global PV installations at 75 GW in 2016

After 50 GW of PV installations in 2015, the global PV market reached 75 GW in 2016 (DC, grid-connected), a 50 percent growth year-over-year, with now a total capacity installed globally crossing the 300 GW mark. According to the findings of the PV Market Alliance (PVMA), China is still leading the PV market since 2013 and installed in 2016 about 34 GW, representing an increase of 126 percent compared to 2015, and 45 percent of total global deployment..
Japan has installed about 8.6 GW of PV in 2016 compared to 10.8 GW in 2015. »2017 might show a further decrease but the market is expected to reach 7.5 to 8.5 GW,« says PVMA. The US market installations possibly reaching 13 GW, Europe installed around 6.5 GW, driven primarily by the UK market, Germany, Turkey and France. Europe’s global PV market share decreased to below 10 percent. India installed about 5 GW in 2016, up from 2 GW in 2015 and is expected to add up to 8 to 9 GW in 2017. Several emerging markets on all continents started to contribute significantly to the global growth with at least 7 GW installed.
2017 could become »a challenging year« with at least 65 GW installed in a pessimistic scenario (a market drop of 13 percent). »Reasonably, a similar level of installations as in 2016 could be reached if established markets maintain a reasonable level of development,« says PVMA.
The PV Market Alliance was established in 2014, consisting of Asia Europe Clean Energy (Solar) Advisory Co. Ltd. (AECEA), Hong Kong, Becquerel Institute (Belgium), Creara (Spain), and RTS Corporation (Japan).

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