PV Crystalox to shut down its UK silicon ingot production in Q3

UK ingot and wafer manufacturer PV Crystalox Solar PLC is proposing to stop block production and instead source blocks from an external supplier. As a result it is expected that all production operations in the UK will cease during Q3 and, that subject to consultation with employees, most jobs in the Group's UK trading subsidiary, Crystalox Limited, will be lost.
In March the Group announced, it will »phase out multicrystalline silicon ingot production in the UK during 2017 and rely on the purchase of ingots from an external supplier.« Ingots are currently processed into blocks in the UK and wafers produced in the German facility. The Group will retain its operational wafer production capabilities in Germany and will continue its focus on the niche low carbon footprint wafer market where it has some competitive advantage.
The company achieved revenues of €56.7 million ($61.2 million) in 2016, 12.1 percent lower than in the prior year (€64.5 million). Wafer shipments during 2016 were 114 MW (2015: 203 MW) with a further 10 MW shipped as blocks for wafering by the company’s customers.

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