PV covered 7% of Italy's electricity demand in 2013

The amount of electricity produced by PV systems in Italy grew by 18.3% year on year in 2013.

Electricity produced by PV systems covered 7.0% of Italy’s electricity demand in 2013, according to the latest numbers from Italian TSO Terna SpA. PV was the second most prolific renewable energy source after hydroelectric, which covered 16.5% of demand. Solar was followed by wind energy (4.7%) and geothermal (1.7%). PV and hydroelectric registered the largest year-on-year increase in production with 21.4% and 18.9%, respectively. Wind and geothermal production grew by 11.6% and 1.0%, respectively. Thermoelectric plants still covered more of the half of Italian electricity demand in 2013, with 56.8%. Total electricity demand in Italy dropped 3.1% year on year in 2013.

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