PPVX slightly up

After two weeks without any change, the PHOTON Photovoltaic Shares Index PPVX rose slightly by 0.4 percent last week and was quoted at 1,371 points on Friday. Its reference value NYSE Arca Oil lost 2.0 percent. With plus 52.6 percent since the beginning of the year, the PPVX is 47.2 percentage points ahead of the oil share index (plus 5.5 percent). Since the beginning of 2003, the PPVX (plus 387.4 percent) has a lead of 236.4 percentage points over the Arca Oil (plus 151.0 percent).
The highest price gains of the past week were achieved by Sino-American Silicon (9.2 percent), Sunnova (5.3 percent) and Shunfeng International (5.3 percent). The highest price losses were suffered by West Holdings (8.1 percent), Daqo New Energy (7.7 percent) and Scatec Solar (5.1 percent).
The highest price gains since the beginning of the year are currently recorded by Enphase (423.3 percent), Solaredge (142.6 percent) and Sunpower (92.8 percent), while the highest price losses since January were suffered by Shunfeng International (61.5 percent), Panda Green Energy (54.2 percent) and REC Silicon (45.5 percent). The cumulative market value of all PPVX companies is currently around €36.3 billion ($40.3 billion). For the index calculation, GCL-Poly was downgraded from four to three weighting points (for the category of companies with a market value of €200 to €800 million; $222.1 to §888.3 million).

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