PPVX down 1.9 percent

After slight gains in the previous three weeks, the PHOTON Photovoltaic Stock Index PPVX lost 1.8 percent in the last week listed at 948 points on Friday. Its reference value NYSE Arca Oil fell significantly by 6.5 percent.
The highest price gains of the week were achieved by United Renewable Energy (16.7 percent), Motech (6.9 percent) and Meyer Burger (6.0 percent). Green Energy lost more than a quarter (27.1 percent) of its market value within a week, Solaria Energía lost 13.8 percent and REC Silicon 11.0 percent.
Sunrun (plus 110.5 percent), Solaria Energía (51.2 percent) and West Holdings (46.5 percent) currently show the best track record since the beginning of the year, while Panda Green Energy (minus 69.4 percent), Motech (63.3 percent) and Jinko Solar (61.7 percent) have the highest losses. The current cumulative market value of all PPVX companies is around €22.5 billion ($25.7 billion).
With a loss of 20.7 percent since the beginning of the year, the PPVX is (on a currency-adjusted basis ) 19.6 percentage points down on the NYSE Arca Oil, which, at minus 1.0 percent, is now also below its level on January 1. Since the beginning of 2003, the PPVX (plus 237.2 percent) has been 76.8 percentage points ahead of the oil index (plus 160.3 percent).

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