PPVX down 1.7 percent

During the past week, the PHOTON Photovoltaic Stock Index PPVX lost the gain achieved since the end of September and stood at 1,359 points on Friday, 1.7 percent lower than a week earlier. Compared to the level at the beginning of the year, however, this still represents an enormous gain of 51.3 percent. The current cumulative market value of all PPVX companies is around €35.8 billion ($39.9 billion).
The highest price gains since January are posted by Enphase (298.1 percent), Solaredge (137.0 percent) and Vivint Solar (84.8 percent). Only six of the 30 PPVX stocks currently show a minus compared to the level on January, although five of them are in the double-digit range. Shunfeng International (63.5 percent), Panda Green Energy (54.2 percent) and REC Silicon (48.0 percent) lost the most.
The highest price gains of last week were achieved by Vivint Solar (5.9 percent), Meyer Burger (5.3 percent) and Solaria Energía (4.4 percent), while the highest price losses were suffered by Enphase (23.3 percent), Solaredge (10.7 percent) and REC Silicon (7.7 percent).
Recent price gains have increased the market value of three companies to such an extent that they have also increased their weighting for the PPVX calculation. Solaredge and Terraform moved up into the five-point category for companies with a market capitalization of €3.2 billion ($3.6 billion) or more. Solaria Energía climbed from three to four points (from €0.8 billion; $0.9 billion). Vivint Solar, on the other hand, lost one point and was downgraded from four to three: The share was included in the four-point category in August after having gained almost 130 percent compared to the beginning of the year. Since then, however, it has lost around 45 percentage points.
The PPVX reference value NYSE Arca Oil lost 0.5 percent last week. Since the beginning of the year, it has a plus of 10.3 percent and thus is 41.0 percentage points behind the PPVX. Since the beginning of 2003, the solar shares (plus 338.2 percent) have a lead of 220.6 percentage points over the oil index (plus 162.6 percent).

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