PPVX almost unchanged

The PHOTON Photovoltaic Stock Index PPVX traded at 3,669 points on Friday, virtually unchanged from the previous week (minus 0.1 percent). Its benchmark NYSE Arca Oil gained 7.1 percent. At minus 9.8 percent year-to-date, the PPVX lags the oil stock index (up 51.5 percent) by 61.3 percentage points.
Sixteen of the 30 PPVX companies posted increasing stock prices last week, with Azure Powwer Global (12.6 percent), Sunpower (12.1 percent) and Jinko Solar (11.9 percent) recording the most significant gains. The highest price losses were suffered by Scatec (15.2 percent), Meyer Burger (11.8 percent) and Grenergy (9.9 percent). Due to the heavy weekly losses, Meyer Burger’s share also lost its long held first place in the share price development since the beginning of the year. Flat Glass Group now leads with a plus of 22.9 percent, Meyer Burger is in second place with 22.6 percent, West Holdings (7.7 percent) follows at a considerable distance in third place. The highest share price losses compared to January are currently posted by Array Technologies (58.0 percent), Scatec (57.0 percent) and Soltec (47.2 percent). GCL Poly Remains Suspended From Trading.
The cumulative market capitalization of all PPVX companies is currently around €122.4 billion ($141.8 billion). In a long-term comparison since the beginning of 2003, the PPVX (up 1,024 percent) has a lead of 1,074.3 percentage points over the NYSE Arca Oil (up 129.8 percent).

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