PPVX up 4.2 percent

The PHOTON Photovoltaic Stock Index PPVX regained ground after recent heavy losses, trading at 4,238 points last Friday (March 12), 4.2 percent higher than a week earlier. Its benchmark NYSE Arca Oil gained 1.4 percent. At plus 4.2 percent year-to-date, the PPVX lags the oil stock index (plus 41.9 percent) by 37.7 percentage points (on a currency-adjusted basis).
Renesola (up 48.1 percent), Maxeon (up 32.8 percent) and Sunrun (up 18.7 percent) posted the highest gains for the week. Price losses were suffered by only one of the 30 PPVX stocks, GCL-Poly (17.4 percent), which had recently been on a steady growth path. However, at plus 93.5 percent, the share remains the one with the highest year-to-date price gain, followed by Daqo New Energy (64.3 percent) and Sunpower (41.6 percent). Despite its huge rise last week, Renesola (down 52.2 percent since joining the PPVX on January 22) continues to record the highest price losses since the beginning of the year, followed by West Holdings (33.0 percent) and Soltec (32.9 percent).
The cumulative stock market value of all PPVX companies is currently around €124.1 billion ($148.4 billion). In a long-term comparison since the beginning of 2003, the PPVX (up 1,406.6 percent) has a lead of 1291.4 percentage points over the NYSE Arca Oil (up 115.2 percent).

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