Portugal allocates 42 MW for PV systems up to 250 kW in 2014

The Portuguese Directorate General for Geology and Energy (DGGE) has published the new FITs for micro-generation PV systems (up to 3.68 kW) and for mini-generation PV installations (up to 250 kW). DGGE has allocated 11.45 MW for micro-generation projects in 2014 and has set a FIT of €66 ($90) per MWh for the first 8 years and €145 per MWh for the following 7 years. As for the mini-generation projects, DGGE has allocated 30.35 MW for this year and has set a FIT of €106 per MWh for 15 years.
According to local financial newspaper Jornal do Negocios, Portuguese solar association Apesf has called on the government to review the new FITs, claiming that the tariffs have been considerably reduced compared to 2013 and that the price of PV modules is now increasing. The association believes that the new FITs will not be sufficient to encourage new investments in the Portuguese PV sector.

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