PHOTON price index: Module prices rose across the board in 2013

Module prices on the German spot market stabilized again last week after spiking at the end of December. According to the PHOTON module price index, the average price for monocrystalline modules on the spot market returned to €0.64 ($0.87) per W last week after climbing to €0.79 in the week ended Dec. 27. The average price of multicrystalline modules fell to €0.61 per W after topping out at €0.69 in late December. The price of modules produced in China, meanwhile, climbed to €0.59 per W after reaching its lowest point in more than a year at the end of December, €0.52 per W.
Over the last year, monocrystalline module prices on the German spot market have risen by 4.9%, while multicrystalline prices have jumped 10.9%. Chinese module prices have grown the most in the last year, 11.3%.
A detailed analysis of the entire module price index, as well as indexes for other regions, cell technologies and inverters, is published on a monthly basis in PHOTON International. The Monday edition of the PHOTON Newsletter includes only an excerpt from some of the price indexes.

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