Parliament in Austria passes »Renewable Expansion Act«

The Austrian parliament passes the »Renewable Expansion Act« (EAG). It aims to set the framework for green power expansion over the next ten years. The country aims to meet its entire electricity needs from 2030 onwards using renewable sources. According to the SPÖ Lower Austria, the energy turnaround would trigger investments of €4.5 billion and create 100,000 jobs or secure existing jobs, media reported.
Whether it will trigger the impetus that the photovoltaic industry has been waiting for since the last amendment to the law in 2019 will only be seen in practice, according to the Photovoltaic Austria (PVA) association: »It is to be hoped that the ordinances that are still to be issued in the coming weeks and months will be available quickly and further improve the framework conditions - after all, photovoltaics has the largest expansion among renewable electricity technologies ahead of it until 2030,« the organization said. It is encouraging that larger PV projects can be implemented again and existing plants can be expanded. Facilitations would also be created for small plants in the area of grid connection, among other things.
The draft of the EAG had been adopted by the Council of Ministers in March. The two-thirds majority required in the National Council had become apparent after the coalition was able to reach agreement with the SPÖ on the law. According to media reports, some changes to the draft were necessary. The Bundesrat is expected to approve the bill at its July 14 session.

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