Panasonic introduces two new »EverVolt« module series

The Japanese electronics company Panasonic Corporation has introduced two new module series. The H series with heterojunction cells is now available with power ratings between 400 and 410 watts, while the PK Black series with PERC cells reaches 370 to 360 watts. For the pioneer in heterojunction cells, the use of the somewhat lower-power PERC cells is a first.
The half-cells (66 for the H series, 60 for PK Black) are interconnected without gaps, as can be seen in the photo. This results not only in a uniform surface but also in particularly high efficiencies, which reach a maximum of 22.2 percent for the H series - that is a whole percentage point more than for the predecessor series introduced a year ago - and still up to 20.3 percent for the PK Black series.
The two module series should be available from the second quarter.


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