Pakistan plans to install 7 GW of new solar and wind capacity

Pakistan is planning a wave of new wind and solar plants that will expand its clean energy capacity to about fifth of its total, according to news agency »Bloomberg«. The country targets to increase its renewables by more than four times by adding as much as 7 GW to bring its total to 8 to 9 GW by 2025, says the article, citing the head of Pakistan’s energy task force. The new energy policy that targets lifting the country’s total generation capacity by 40 percent to 42 to 43 GW.
To alleviate congestion the country is working with the World Bank to identify the best locations to site new renewable generation. Pakistan plans to auction the right to build renewable capacity annually starting in December. According to »Bloomberg«, Pakistan’s petroleum product imports, which fuel both power plants and vehicles, accounted for about $13 billion of the country’s $50 billion total imports in the eleven months ended May. Last year, 41 percent of generation was on imported fuels.

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