PacifiCorp plans to install about 7,000 MW of renewable and storage and close 20 of 24 coal plants

US electric power company PacifiCorp released a draft of its long-term energy plan that continues investments in new wind generation and transmission, while adding significant new solar and storage resources. The draft »preferred portfolio« for the 2019 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) indicates how the company envisions meeting customer energy needs most cost-effectively over the next 20 years. PacifiCorp will file its final 2019 IRP with state regulatory commissions by October 18.
The resource plan includes to install nearly 3,000 MW of new solar by 2025, and more than 6,300 MW of new solar by 2038, furthermore nearly 600 MW of battery storage by 2025 and more than 2,800 MW of battery storage by 2038. The 2019 draft resource plan identifies battery storage »as part of a least-cost portfolio for the first time.« All of the storage resources planned by 2025 are paired with new solar generation. The plan adds nearly 1,400 MW of stand-alone storage resources starting in 2028.
Of the PacifiCorp`s 24 coal units, the draft plan envisions retirement of 16 of the units by 2030 and 20 of the units by the end of the planning period in 2038. The unit retirements will reduce coal-fueled generation capacity by nearly 2,800 MW by 2030 and by nearly 4,500 MW by 2038.

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