Ørsted to develop 1 GW renewable hydrogen production facility

Danish utility Ørsted A/S announced a project called »SeaH2Land« to develop a renewable hydrogen production facility of 1 GW by 2030 to cover the large industrial hydrogen demand in the Dutch-Flemish North Sea Port cluster. According to the company, the electrolyser can convert about 20 percent of the current hydrogen consumption in the region to renewable hydrogen. Ørsted proposes to connect the GW electrolyser directly to a new 2 GW offshore wind farm in the Dutch North Sea.
The major industrial companies in the region ArcelorMittal, Yara, Dow Benelux, and Zeeland Refinery, support the development of the required regional infrastructure to enable sustainably-produced steel, ammonia, ethylene, and fuels in the future. The industrial players in the region, united in the Smart Delta Resources (SDR) industry partnership, aim to negotiate with the Transmission System Operators (TSO) to develop a regional open-access pipeline network of about 45 km, stretching across the North Sea Port area from Vlissingen-Oost (NL) to Gent (BE).
With 580,000 tonnes per year, the North Sea Port cluster is one of the largest production and demand centres of fossil hydrogen in Europe today. Driven by decarbonisation efforts, industrial demand in the cluster could grow to about 1,000,000 tonnes by 2050, equivalent to roughly 10 GW of electrolysis.

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