NSW Labor promises Australia's biggest renewables roll-out with 7 GW

In the run-up to the elections in the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW), a Labor government would establish a state-owned renewable energy company to support the rollout of enough renewable energy to power more than three million homes across the state in the next decade. NSW opposition leader, Michael Daley, announced that if elected on 23 March, Labor would deliver seven gigawatts of extra renewable energy by 2030.
According to the Smart Energy Council, NSW Labor has committed to use reverse auctions to build 6 GW of renewable energy with storage; and establish a new State Owned Corporation to deliver a further 1 GW of renewables and storage. Four GW of renewables will be commissioned in its first 4-year term, subject to consultation with AEMO, industry and consumers. NSW Labor says its policy will power more than 3 million homes, create 13,485 direct jobs in regional NSW, generate AUD 9.5 billion (USD 6.7 billion) in capital investment and AUD 5 billion in additional economic benefits.
Smart Energy Council’s CEO John Grimes welcomed the announcement: »This is an absolute game-changer, the biggest renewable energy policy ever announced in Australia.« NSW Labor’s plan stands »in stark contrast« to the Morrison Government’s anti-renewables policy and their lack of a national energy policy or national climate change policy.« The »Smart Energy Council« has been built by merger of the Australian »Solar Council« and the »Energy Storage Council« in November 2017. The new organization represents renewable energy companies.
»It’s fantastic to see the Opposition adopting a very ambitious commitment on large-scale renewable energy that will boost investment and jobs in the industry and build on its previously-announced program to support half a million homes in the state to go solar,« said renewable energy industry organization Clean Energy Council (CEC) Chief Executive Kane Thornton: »The industry looks forward to a further announcement from the New South Wales Government to encourage further investment in large-scale wind and solar, which will perfectly complement its commitment to household solar and batteries, new pumped hydro sites and the Federal Government’s Snowy 2.0 expansion project.«
As reported, recently NSW’s Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced the Government’s »Empowering Homes program«, a 10-year scheme to incentives the installation of solar panels and battery storage systems. No-interest loans of up to AUD 9,000 (USD 6,400) for a battery system and up to AUD 14,000 (USD 9,900) for a solar battery system will be available to owner-occupied households with an annual combined income of up to AUD 180,000 (USD 128,000). The day before, NSW Labor revealed its 10-year Solar Homes policy which would encourage 500,000 households to install rooftop solar panels. Under the scheme, owner-occupied households with a combined income of up to AUD 180,000 would be eligible for a rebate of up to AUD 2,200 (USD 1,570).

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