Northern Ireland achieves 44 percent share of renewables in electricity production

According to the latest report by the Northern Ireland Department for the Economy, the country has been able to significantly increase the share of domestic renewable energy plants in net electricity consumption in the twelve months from July 2018 to June 2019: At 44.0 percent, it was 7.4 percentage points higher than in the previous twelve-month period.
In absolute figures, net electricity consumption in the period under review was 7.79 TWh, from which 3.43 TWh were generated from renewavbles. Of this, 85.3 percent came from wind power, 5.5 percent from biogas and 3.6 percent from biomass. Solar PV followed in fourth place with 3.2 percent (ahead of landfill gas with 1.9 percent and other renewables with 0.5 percent).

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