Newly installed capacity in Germany rose to 378 MW in October

The total capacity of all newly installed PV systems reported to the German Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) amounts to 378.62 MW for the month of October, almost one third more than in the previous month and more than twice as much as in October of the previous year (182 MW; October 2017: 149 MW). Of the total increase in October 2019, around 370.5 MW (97.9 percent) is attributable to systems with a payment entitlement under the German Renewable Energy Law. 264.94 MW (70 percent) were installed outside of tender procedures.
In total, the gross additions registered in the current year now amount to 3.34 GW, compared with only 2.36 GW at the same time last year (2017: 1.48 GW). A projection of the current values for the year as a whole results in 4.01 GW (previous year: 2.96 GW; 2017: 1.76 GW). The accumulated PV capacity installed in Germany amounts to 49.27 GW as of October 30.

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