New storage system series from Tesvolt: Fewer chips for better deliverability

German storage system manufacturer Tesvolt GmbH is presenting its new »E-Series« of commercial power storage systems at this year’s EES Europe (part of »The Smarter E«). It ranges from the »TS HV 70 E« with 72 kilowatt hours (kWh) to the »Powerstorage TPS-E« industrial system, which can be sized in three versions (in 20-, 40- and 45-foot containers) with capacities up to 1.9 MWh, 4.2 and 4.8 MWh.
All of the storage units use Samsung SDI’s lithium-ion cells. Tesvolt developped a new battery module with 22 cells instead of – in the previous »A series« – 14 cells. According to the company, the much more compact design increases energy density and contributes to lower acquisition and operating costs. Another key advantage of the new series is that, according to Tesvolt, the systems »use 80 percent fewer chips« and are therefore less affected by the global shortage of semiconductor components. As a result, the manufacturer can produce them in higher volumes and better meet the huge increase in demand.
The TS HV 70 E system is combined with a battery inverter from SMA (STPS 60), while the two systems TS-I HV 80 E (80 kWh) and TS-IHV 100 E (96 kWh) work with integrated Tesvolt PCS battery inverters. These two variants thus also offer Tesvolt’s »Power Quality Technology« with an active mains filter to stabilize voltage and frequency and reduce load imbalance, reactive power and harmonics in the commercial operation’s grid.

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