New industrial storage and »second life« system from Fenecon

German storage system manufacturer Fenecon GmbH has expanded its range of battery storage systems for commercial industrial applications and is showing the »FENECON Industrial S« model at the Munich trade fair EES (Electrical Energy Storage, part of »The Smarter E Europe 2022«). It is smaller in size than the »Industrial M« and »Industrial L« container systems already known and is designed in particular »for use in commercial applications and for charging parks«, where it is intended to cap peak loads and thus help avoid expensive expansions of the connected load of industry sites. The system is scalable for outputs from 92 to 184 kilowatts and capacities from 82 to 164 kilowatt hours.
Already in use, but on display for the first time at a trade show in Munich, is also a container storage system developed by Fenecon that uses retired batteries from electric vehicles. The decentralized inverter concept allows the use of batteries from different manufacturers and of different ages, each of which is controlled independently as a »full pack« including cooling system and battery management system.
Another trade fair innovation is an »automatic emergency power transfer unit« (Automatischer Notstromumschalter; ANU), which is designed to combine the advantages of an external grid disconnection point for setting up an island grid with those of a grid disconnection point integrated in the inverter in the event of a grid failure. According to Fenecon, this makes it possible to continue supplying all consumers with up to 43 kilowatts in grid-parallel operation. The ANU is also »very easy to install and can even be retrofitted in existing installations.«

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