Neoen aims to reach 10 GW of capacity in Australia by 2030

With 3.3 gigawatts (GW) of generation capacity in operation or under construction, French renewable energy company Neoen S.A.S. says it remains the largest producer of renewable electricity in Australia. Neoen aims to maintain this position and expand its portfolio to 10 GW by 2030. It was the first player in the Australian market to cross the 3 GW threshold in June with the start of construction of the »Collie Battery« project (photo) with 210 megawatts output and 877 megawatt-hours of capacity.
The current portfolio consists of 20 projects in operation or under construction, including about 1 GW of capacity each in wind and solar power plants, and 1.3 GW and 2.8 gigawatt-hours of battery storage. Neoen puts the investment volume to date at more than four billion Australian dollars ($2.59 billion). The company says it represents around ten percent of the capacity installed in large-scale solar power plants in Australia, with wind power plants also accounting for ten percent and battery storage power plants for 45 percent.

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