Naturstrom AG wants to use PV to compensate for lack of wind power in Germany

On the occasion of the Bundestag hearing on the so-called Solar Package I, Naturstrom AG suggested »minor revisions« to the draft legislation.
One of the concerns of the Düsseldorf-based green power provider is that solar projects that are ready for construction should be realized as quickly as possible. It is true that the proposed state opening clause would significantly expand the areas eligible for promotion from 2024. However, this would only result in the tenders even more oversubscribed. »The paradoxical result: there will be more areas without more being built«.
While there were more bids for solar PV in 2023 than could be approved, the corresponding tender volumes for wind were not exhausted. Thomas E. Banning, Managing Director of NaturEnergy GmbH & Co. KGaA, which bundles the generation activities of the Naturstrom Group, is therefore proposing to increase the solar tender volumes from 2024 at least to the level of 9,900 MW (instead of 8,100 MW) planned for the following year.
At the same time, Banning is in favor of abolishing the deduction of PPA projects from the tender volumes currently provided for in the EEG: »The target of an 80 percent share of renewable energies in electricity consumption by 2030 is very ambitious, but it is also a minimum target. PPAs should therefore not lead to a reduction in the tender volumes«.
More detailed explanations of the above proposals and further recommendations for improvement can be found in Naturstrom AG's updated statement on the solar package.

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