Mounting system innovations from IBC Solar

At Intersolar Europe, German system provider and solar project company IBC Solar AG will show for the first time its evolution of the aerodynamically optimized mounting system »IBC AeroFix« for flat roofs: With the »AeroFix G3«, which was introduced last August, the mounting supports are equipped with a ball joint to ensure a mechanically tension-free support of the modules. Another new feature is the ability to combine wide and narrow base rails. The wider version is used where more ballast has to be applied or the roof structure requires load distribution over a large support area. In less sensitive areas, the narrow version can be used. For faster working, the rails, which are already fitted with building protection mats, are equipped with large cable ducts that can accommodate up to 28 cables (with 6 mm2 cross-section). The AeroFix G3 allows modules 150 to 200 centimeters long and 98 to 115 centimeters wide to be mounted horizontal or upright in a south or east-west orientation with angles of eight, ten or 15 degrees.
There are also new components for the pitched roof mounting system »IBC TopFix 200« to be shown at Intersolar: The height-adjustable module clamp »G3 Vario« can be adapted to different frame heights, and the »Mammut Form S+«, a combination of roof hook and sheet metal form tile, is now also available for integration in on-roof insulation.

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