Mobile test laboratory for solar modules from TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland is launching a »Mobile Solar Lab« for solar modules that is built into a van and can thus be taken to the location of the respective tests to be carried out. »Especially in the case of larger solar parks,« a press release reads, »where batch tests can include more than a thousand modules, market players thus save a lot of time, testing and shipping costs.« Why TÜV is only now realizing such a mobile unit and what distinguishes it – for example in terms of equipment – from earlier concepts of other providers is not explained.
According to TÜV, up to 150 modules per day can be tested in the mobile laboratory, which can be extrapolated to 30,000 modules per year. This would correspond to the random testing of one million modules or around one gigawatt of solar power plant capacity.

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