Meyer Burger wants to accelerate sluggish capacity expansion with »unified product platform«

Swiss cell and module manufacturer Meyer Burger Technology Ltd plans to introduce a unified product platform at its module factory in Germany (Freiberg) and the future site in the USA (Goodyear). This is intended to simplify and accelerate the expansion of production. The company expects »leaner production and logistics processes as well as faster scalability of new manufacturing capacities.«
Last year, Meyer Burger had cited downtime due to product changes, among other things, as a reason for not being able to reach its targeted production volumes. Now, too, the company cites a »combination of supply chain issues and the preparation of production lines for the new platform« as the reason why it has also lowered its 2023 production volume targets to around 800 megawatts. Although the expansion of German production capacity to 1.4 gigawatts is proceeding »largely satisfactory,« the ramp-up of the third production line in Freiberg is being postponed until the summer due to »ongoing disruptions in global supply chains for some industrial electronics components.«
The new product platform is to be based on glass-glass modules and combinable with various cell technologies such as IBC-HJT and HJT-perovskite tandem. Until the complete changeover, however, glass-foil modules are still available »to serve customer needs also in the transition phase.«

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