Meyer Burger: no Sentis representatives on the Board of Directors

Managing Director Hans Brändle

At the extraordinary general meeting of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd, which was convened on October 30 at the request of the shareholder group around Sentis Capital PCC, the majority of shareholders rejected the election of Mark Kerekes to the Meyer Burger Board of Directors. In the previous weeks, both the Swiss manufacturer of production equipment and Sentis had endeavoured to present their respective positions to the public in detail. Sentis had even set up a website to promote the election of Kerekes, co-managing director and board member of Sentis. Sentis sees Meyer Burger's business targets as not conducive to the shareholders' goals and therefore called for a shareholder representative to be elected to the Board of Directors, which the company strictly rejected. Managing Director Hans Brändle had stated that he would resign from his position if Sentis was successful with his request.
Remo Lütolf, Chairman of the Board of Directors, called on Sentis to continue working constructively on the turnaround of the company. »I trust that Sentis will respect this shareholder decision and refrain from further public attacks on the company and its corporate bodies.«
391 shareholders attended the meeting in person, representing 44.8 percent of the share capital entered in the Commercial Register. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting will be published on Meyer Burger's website as soon as they are available.

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