Meyer Burger to establish module production in Arizona

Swiss-based Meyer Burger Technology Ltd has chosen the city of Goodyear in the US state of Arizona as the site for a new production facility for high-performance solar modules. The company said the investment underscores its strategy to »produce modules close to end customers« and build regional supply chains.
Initial annual production capacity will be 400 megawatts, with startup announced for late 2022. Initially, 250 jobs would be created, with 500 jobs created at full capacity of 1.5 gigawatts. Meyer Burger has leased a recently constructed new building for this purpose.
The company had already announced in September last year that it would start module production in the U.S., but had not yet decided on a location at the time. The decision to locate in Arizona was made »because of the availability of a well-trained local workforce and proximity to customers.«

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