Meyer Burger concentrates next capacity expansion stepps on Germany

Meyer Burger AG is expanding its module production in Freiberg (Germany) from the current 1.0 to 1.4 gigawatts (GW) of annual capacity, requiring the full capacity of its solar cell production facility in Thalheim (Germany). According to a statement, the cells produced in Thalheim would »initially, on a short-term basis, being handled in Germany instead of the US.«
As recently as the end of March, Meyer Burger had announced that it would use the expansion of its cell production from 1.0 to 1.4 GW to supply its planned module production in Goodyear (Arizona), which would start operation with 0.4 GW of capacity at the end of this year and could be expanded to 1.5 GW in perspective. These plans, it is now said, are still being pursued »in order to develop a medium-term solar module production«, with preparations for this having begun »on schedule in the first quarter of 2022.« The increase in the company’s cell production required for the planned further expansion of module production capacities is also being prepared, and space has already been rented in a building adjacent to Meyer Burger’s Thalheim cell factory.
At present, however, the company is responding to »the tense situation, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine« and is taking advantage of the expansion of existing production facilities and »the elimination of long transport times for machines and systems to the US«. On the one hand, it is said that this should minimize »supply chain risks«, but on the other hand, sales of solar modules in the USA – which now have to be shipped there from Europe for the time being – would be »progressing as planned and are unaffected by the decision.«
Meyer Burger intends to increase its cell and module production capacity to five GW each by 2026, with seven GW targeted for 2027.

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