Meyer Burger to build a 400 MW module factory in the USA

Swiss-based Meyer Burger Technology Ltd plans to build a module factory in the US. Annual capacity is expected to reach 400 MW by the end of 2022. According to the company, there is potential »for gigawatt-scale expansion.«
Discussions are currently underway in several U.S. states, with final site selection expected by the end of 2021. Procurement of all machinery and equipment for the U.S. plant is taking place in parallel with the site selection to enable a rapid ramp-up of production.
»This investment underlines Meyer Burger's intention to produce modules as close to our end customers as possible, to source materials from regional suppliers and to continuously improve the sustainability of its products,« the company commented. The emissions caused by transport and the CO2 balance of the solar modules could thus be further optimized. In addition, the risk of delays in the supply chain would be reduced.
Key criteria for site selection included available buildings, regulatory and tax frameworks, state and local economic development programs, available skilled labor, proximity to transportation infrastructure, renewable energy supply, and local community engagement.

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