Meteocontrol supplies solar power forecasts for Greece and Cyprus

German provider of PV monitoring systems Meteocontrol GmbH has signed a sales partnership with the Greek company Synergia Technical & Consulting S.A.. The company will be responsible for the marketing of solar power forecasts in Greece and Cyprus. According to Meteocontrol, the company has one of the world's largest measurement networks with real-time monitoring data from over 45,000 photovoltaic systems and forecast models.
Since the liberalisation of the energy market, all new RES (Renewable Energy Solutions) and cogeneration plants in Greece must participate directly in the energy market. Their generated electricity is subject to a billing process on the wholesale market (Day-ahead DAM, Intraday IDM) and the balancing market of Greek Energy Exchange and I.P.T.O. (Greek TSO). The amendment affects all new renewable energy projects with an installed capacity of more than 500 kW. Adjusted feed-in forecasts for individual sites and grid areas enabled »both secure grid integration and profitable marketing of solar power,« said Meteocontrol Managing Director Robert Pfatischer.

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