Meta study: Agri-PV can protect crops from drought

Researchers from the Department of Plant Ecology at the University of Hohenheim, Germany under the direction of Junior Professor Andreas Schweiger, have evaluated studies on the topic of Agri-PV. The focus was on how Agri-PV affects crop yields in agriculture.
The literature review (How to reconcile renewable energy and agricultural production in a drying world) revealed that berries, fruits and fruiting vegetables benefit from shading, while yields of forage crops, leafy vegetables, tubers, root crops and most cereal species suffer minimally. Severe yield losses are experienced by corn, field beans, soybeans, and lupins even with minimal shading. On the other hand, shading, which often lowers crop yields when there is sufficient water, can increase yields during drought.
More research is needed, according to the research team, especially on which crops are suitable for different Agri-PV systems.

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