Meta-analysis confirms link between electric drives and climate protection

A meta-analysis of 16 studies on the role of electricity and electricity-based fuels in transport by 2050 presented by the German Renewable Energy Agency (Agentur für Erneuerbare Energien) comes to the – unsurprising – conclusion that ambitious climate protection targets can only be achieved if more electricity from renewable sources is used in the mobility sector. This must therefore go hand in hand with an additional expansion of renewables.
According to the agency, possibilities for »decarbonising« transport through greater efficiency, savings and biofuels are limited. The meta-analysis also comes to the conclusion that the use of electromobility »especially in aviation and shipping« is not technically feasible at present; existing concepts for battery-operated commercial aircraft are obviously not taken into account here.
In a country like Germany, the electricity requirements of the mobility sector for battery solutions and – where this is not possible – for the production of fuels with »power to gas« technologies could »exceed the total current electricity consumption«. According to most studies, electricity-based fuels would therefore have to be imported from windy and sunny regions.

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